Welcome Letter

Dear Colleagues,

The Board of Directors of the International Association of Paediatric Dentistry is pleased to invite you to attend the second Global Summit of IAPD: Care Pathways for Caries Management in Children: Global Initiative, scheduled from 11-13 November 2022 in Rome, Italy.

The purpose of this summit is to bring together leading scientists (research: Gers and clinicians) from around the globe to discuss Dental Caries Management. Traditional approaches to the treatment of dental caries have focused on repairing the consequences of the disease rather than addressing disease itself. There is now an emerging literature on optimizing dental caries management. Such management strategies require identification of individual’s caries risk, more comprehensive diagnoses, care pathways, and active surveillance to monitor possible disease progression. Preventive modalities for conservative management include placement of pit and fissure sealants, optimization of fluoride exposure, and control of the oral environment to facilitate remineralization and arrest of the caries process. These caries management strategies supplemented, when necessary, by evidence-based surgical care and advanced procedures are essential for improving care and reducing costs of the dental caries across the globe.

We invite all our National Societies and individual members and call on the industry to participate in this important scientific event, as this will be one of the few international opportunities to meet together, to exchange information, as well as to discuss and learn about the emerging dental caries management strategies.

IAPD is the Global Voice of children’s oral health and offers you the opportunity to:

  • Update your knowledge about dental caries management and contribute to IAPD’s goal to improve prevention and care for children who suffer from this disease.
  • Discuss and learn from the experts about the latest information on the research that is helping clinicians understand how to treat dental caries.
  • Get acquainted with the newest products for caries management.
  • Explore innovative restorative treatments for dental caries.


We look forward to welcome you all in Rome in November 2022!


Jorge Castillo
IAPD President

Ari Kupietzky
IAPD Secretary General