Why Taiwan?
T  aiwan- the friendliest country in the world (as ranked by InterNations)
A  mazing historical and cultural heritage
I  deal destination for international meetings – the safest country
W  eekly direct flights – over 2300 flights to Taiwan with 3 international airports
A  dvanced technology and rich culture
N  ewly built convention centers and facilities


About Taiwan

As a proud island of incredible advancement in health and technology, Taiwan welcomes you to enjoy a rich and unforgettable trip during the 2nd IAPD Global Summit in 2020. Blessed with the warm subtropical weather, Taiwan owns a wide variety of terrains, forests, agricultural products and marine ecologies. The environment provides ample opportunities for eco-friendly, family-oriented activities, from dolphin or whale watching, cycling in the countryside, to a relaxing hike on tranquil trail just minutes away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Rated as one of the safest countries in the world, Taiwan prides itself in its warm hospitality and friendliness.


Taipei at night

Taiwan is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in Asia. Taiwan is a safe, well-developed, and democratic country that is perfect for combining business and pleasure. Want to get away from the noises of the city? Taiwan will not let you down!


  • Taiwan is the top 10 safest countries in the world for traveling.
  • Taiwan provides visa exemptions for up to 48 countries.
  • Taiwan is ranked as the top 10 destinations for being a friendly and safe country.
  • Taiwan has the top 1 mobile network and complimentary Wi-Fi coverage. (Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2017)
  • Taiwan has the highest 24-hour convenience store density in the world — more than 15000 stores.
  • Taiwan is listed as one of the 26 remarkable places for Solo Travel. (Buzzfeed)


Mountains, Ocean, Relaxing Atmosphere

Want to spot the mountains and the ocean simultaneously in one day? In Taiwan, you can easily access the entire range of Sceneries Island wide. Come visit Taiwan, and experience the magnificent sceneries!

  • Taiwan has the largest number and highest density of mountains in the world.
  • 269 peaks exceed 3000 meters elevation.
  • Taiwan is surrounded by blue waters and green mountains.
  • It takes only 1-2 hours to get from mountain to sea shore / one-day living circle by high-speed railway.


Eco-Tourism: Road Cycling

Thanks to rental stations all over the country, public rental bikes are easily accessible in Taiwan. We have the best cycling infrastructure in the entire world and the best sceneries that you cannot afford to miss.

Your Eco-tourism Checklist

  • Yilan: Whale-watching
  • Tainan: Migratory Bird-watching
  • Nantou: Firefly-watching

Bridge over a lake landscape

Time Travel to the Past – The National Palace Museum

The National Palace Museum is known for its collection of Chinese artifacts. Most of its artifacts came from the Qing Palace, which housed precious artifacts collected by the imperial family over thousands of years.

Your Must-see Checklist

  • The Three Treasures: Jade Cabbage, Meat-Shaped Stone, and Mao-Kung Ting.
  • Nearly 700,000 pieces of artifacts which includes antiquities, paintings and calligraphy.
  • Historical documents, rare books, and Asian artifacts from the Ching Dynasty.

Traditional statue

Tasty Gourmet: Taste Taiwan

Taiwan offers you a wide variety when it comes to choices of food. From food stands to fancy restaurants, from local delicacy to exotic cuisines – this makes Taiwan the “Food Paradise.”
Dare to challenge your appetite? Come to Taiwan to experience the world famous food culture!

  • According to Business Insider 2016, Taiwan is one of the top 10 friendly and safe destinations: while having the most delicious food in Asia.
  • Tea houses and night markets are especially worth a visit.
  • Taiwan is known as “Fruit Kingdom” with an amazing variety of locally grown and imported fruits.

Traditional food

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